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"Creativity is a gift, but also a practice."


Angela was born in Upper Ferntree Gully, Australia to an Australian father and American mother.  She was a creative person from the very beginning; making paintings out of dirt, twigs and leaves at the age of five.  After moving to the United States when she was 8, it took a few years before she dutifully picked up a pencil again, but by the time she reached middle school, Angela was drawing for hours apon hours every day.  She believes that creativity is a gift, but also a practice.


In the beginnings of her career, Angela's work was very simple and graphic; often times quite humorous.  Long-legged knobby-kneed characters started to find their way into nurseries and children's rooms all over the world, from Italy to Singapore and everywhere in between.  After a short break for the birth of her second child, Angela's style evolved and now includes children's illustration, mixed media paintings and even abstract work.  Always present is the use of bold vivid colors and whimsy.  Quirky characters, wobbley linework, richness and personality.


Currently Angela is working with licensing, personal commissions, freelance, editorial and children's books.



Fun Facts!


  • Angela is Australian, but she's never tasted Vegemite.

  • Her heart goes pitter-patter over anything old and handmade.

  • Over the last 15 years Angela has had 6 dogs, 11 cats, 2 birds, 1 hamster, 1 bearded dragon and roughly 130 fish.  (Luckily not all at the same time!!)

  • Music is absolutely necessary in her creative process

  • She's never been able to touch her toes.


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